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The top 8 moments in my history that made me realise I’m gay

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

YAS major throwbacks are pending.

By Akshay Patel

BuzzFeed Staff

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Another dedicated day and this one is for the gays.

This month, on October 11th it was National Coming Out Day and for the gays of the world, it was totally acceptable to binge watch our fab five, blast Diana’ Ross’s ‘I’m coming Out’ and just, you know, celebrate being a homo!

The occasion nostalgically made me reflect on my story and the seven gag worthy moments from diva tantrums, sexy hunks and pop classics, that made me realise that I was in fact, gay.

1. Oh, so meaty.

Is it a kite?

Is it a bird?


It’s filet mignon, quite literally.

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There she was, the only queen who could serve us Salmonella realness and the world would eat it up. The moment that made the history pop books. The notorious Lady Gaga at the 2010 MTV VMA awards. This iconic look lives rent free in my mind and is the singular moment that made me scream ‘yaaas queen’. A queer legend.

2. Mama Ru

Shantay, you stay, RuPaul.

Photo by RuPaulsDragRace Fandom via BuzzFeedUK

Back in 2009, Mama Ru ‘Andre’ Paul first came onto our screens debuting the first ever drag queer competition on TV – RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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11 years and 23 Emmy Awards nominations later, we have been blessed with 12 seasons worth of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, with over 100 queens serving; ultimate shade, fierce drama and a side of fish.

Watching my first ever lip-sync! Season 4, episode 5, Roxxxy Andrews was lip-syncing for her life, Ru-vealing a second wig underneath her wig.

Gif by Tenor Via Buzzfeed UK

The gay within me was secured.

3. Spice Up Your Life

The London Olympics 2012 moment that made nearly every queer and pop kid lose their s**t.

No, it wasn’t Boris Johnson, getting stuck in a zip-wire act 20ft in the air.

Gif by Tenor Via Buzzfeed UK

But in fact, quite the opposite, five iconic, talented women, known individually as Sporty, Posh, Scary, Ginger and Baby, but collectively as - The Spice Girls!

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All five spices had reunited, so far, for the last time (cough cough Posh) for the Olympics closing ceremony, performing classics including the hit - Wannabe. With their trademarked looks and a glittery spectacle, the performance allowed every 90’s kid to relive their true spice fantasy… one last time.

Relive the Olympics moment:

Video by Youtube via BuzzFeed

4: Who is she?

Where Did You Find Her?

Nikki Grahame, is who it is.

Photo by Getty Images via BuzzFeed

One of Big Brother’s biggest legends, known for her iconic outbursts, diva tantrums and always complaining about it being either too hot or too cold.

Although a little Goldilocks in her own right. It was Nikki’s bearish behaviour which makes her the meme-able, quotable queen that she is, an icon, who paved the way for reality divas.

Watch Nikki’s best tantrums here:

Video by Youtube Via BuzzFeed

5. Rise Like A Phoenix

Representing Austria, the Phoenix herself, Conchita Wurst winning Eurovision 2014. My heart racing, seeing the first non-binary contestant rise from the ashes and win a global talent competition.

GIF by Tenor via BuzzFeed

6. Stealing my dad's fitness magazines

Photo by Men's Health via BuzzFeed

Enough said.

7. Kickass female characters in fighting games

At any given opportunity, choosing to play as the badass female character on Tekken, WWE or any other combat fighting game my brother forced me to play on our PS2. And feeling kick-ass when the girl would win! #GirlPower

Photo by Akshay Patel via BuzzFeed

8: This Hollyoaks kiss

It was 2007, I was 8 year’s old and still in my school uniform, waiting for 6:30pm for Hollyoaks to start. The scene between John Paul McQueen kissing Craig Dean, both who were in relationships with a pair of sisters, had just happened

GIF by Tumblr via BuzzFeed

I screamed. I stared. I (secretly) loved. The kiss that started it all.

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